A Life insurance Policy is all about caring.

Life insurance is a means of planning ahead and allows you to leave a legacy to your loved ones.

In a sense it is a gift of love. Having insurance also gives you peace of mind, knowing that all will be well when you pass on.

What is Life insurance All about?

Life insurance

Life insurance offers accidental death cover. Your family will receive a cash payment within 24 hours of the death of the insured, depending on the policy terms.

An insurance plan also has a cash surrender value or a cash-back value depending on the terms of the policy. It offers optional additional disability cover worth up to R5 million and extra critical illness cover worth up to R3 million.

We all realise that death is traumatic for those left behind. However, with the stress of losing someone, families should not also have to face financial burdens. Failing to plan ahead can lead to hardship.

With Clientèle Life insurance you Leave a legacy Behind

For as little as R130 Clientèle Life’s Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan is a lasting gift of love. It has helped thousands of people nationwide to care for their families in the event of death.

Lasting Dignity Plan

  • Premiums for as little as R130 a month
  • Payouts ranging from R10 000 to R200 000
  • First payment of R10 000 available within 24 hours
  • Cash-Back payable after every 60 premium payments
  • No medical examination
  • 75% cash advance payable to policyholders diagnosed with a terminal illness


Ultimate Life Plan

  • Premiums for as little as R190 a month
  • Payouts of up to R200 000
  • You have the option to receive 50% of the premiums at the age of 65. And the balance payable to your family upon death. This benefit only applies to people who started paying their premiums before the age of 50 years.
  • First payment of R20 000 available within 24 hours
  • Optional Cash-Back benefit after every 60 premium payments
  • 75% cash advance payable to policyholders diagnosed with a terminal illness


Premium Life Plan

  • Premiums for as little as R215 a month
  • Premiums are determined according to individual risk profiles
  • Payouts of up to R10 million
  • There is no paperwork
  • No medical examination apart from a blood test the company will arrange
  • Cash-Back benefit after every 60 premium payments
  • Optional additional Disability cover of up to R5 million
  • Optional additional Critical Illness cover of up to R3 million


Accidental Death Plan

Clientèle offers life insurance cover for the entire family on one policy.

  • Premiums for as little as R130 a month
  • Payouts of up to R100 000 as a result of death due to an accident
  • A variety of plans are available from which to choose

Frequently asked questions

Who can be covered on a life policy?

Life insurance covers the main policyholder, his wife or common law spouse, and children between the ages of two to 18 years. Students up to the age of 21 years are also covered. Policyholders must be between the ages of 18 to 75 years.

Do life policies cover pre-existing health conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are not included in standard life policies. However, there are other products available that include pre-existing health conditions. Ask the company consultant or a broker.

How long does it take to receive cash payouts?

The *Funeral Comforter Benefit on Clientèle’s life policies are usually paid out within 24 hours, provided the firm has received all documents.

*(Should the plan not include this, then a full assessment of the claim will be made only once all other documents are received).

Other documents could include:

  • Post Mortem results in the case of an unnatural death
  • All medical info in the case of death from natural causes
  • Police documents if required
  • An accident report in the case of one


Do policies have a cash surrender value?

Life policies have no surrender or loan values.


Do policies have any cash back value?

Clientèle’s Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan pays back policyholders six months’ worth of premiums for every 60 premiums paid.

How does one lodge a claim?

After the death of a loved one, beneficiaries have to provide:

  • The policy number
  • The claimant’s Email address or fax number
  • The cause and date of death
  • Specify the dread disease if that was the cause of death


Dread Disease Claims Process

Follow the process as described above if the policyholder died of:

  • Cancer
  • A heart attack or stroke
  • Renal failure


Claims can be lodged by doing any of the following:

  • Contact the Call Centre on 011 320 3000
  • Complete the call me back form on the website: www.clientele.co.za
  • Send an Email to:/claims@clientele.co.za
  • Visit the Clientèle Head Office at:/Clientèle Office Park, corner Alon and Rivonia Roads, Rivonia, Johannesburg.